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  • Learn how to detect and permanently clear energy blocks for yourself and others

  • Develop your own psychic dictionary and get really (REALLY) intuitive

  • Pinpoint the source of old energy blocks with precision and accuracy (no experience required)

  • Learn how to protect your own field of energy and eliminate the “empath” heaviness

  • Receive MANY hours of practice using your skills on others

  • Receive MANY hours (thousands of $$$) of coaching on your own blocks!

  • Attend a 3-day LIVE EVENT in Seattle, Washington for advanced training

  • Clear away 3rd eye blocks that keep you from knowing any and all information available to you

  • Learn the “healer’s etiquette” and vital practices that are missing from other training programs

  • Find out how to use this process of coaching to get your own energy as clear as possible

  • Access Jacki’s “cheat sheets” of where to look, common blocks, and what different “signs” mean

  • Get acquainted with your guides and angels, and let them communicate with you

  • Determine who you are meant to serve, and where your specific magic is needed in the world

What You’ll Get In This Program:

  • Trust and confidence in your psychic abilities

  • A high level of understanding about how energy works, and how to move it

  • The power to heal yourself and others from lifelong programming, limitations, trauma, stories, and generational blocks

  • The ability to know the answer to any question you ask to the Universe

  • Clarity in all areas of your life

  • Reliable energy hacking skills and habits that will replace your old ways of being

  • The ability to look into someone’s energy (or the energy of a business) and provide guidance that will double or triple their income

  • Ease and simplicity in your life, and in the lives of people you work with

  • Practice coaching sessions with your fellow trainees

  • A skill set that will help you to build a business or project that impacts the world

  • The opportunity to accurately perform energy readings with “training wheels” until you’re confident and able to rely solely on your intuition without any outside help

  • Hours of clearing on your own blocks so you can live your soul’s truth and be a full expression of who you are

  • The ability to open yourself and others up to more money, love, and possibilities

  • Skills that allow other people to rely on your intuition with confidence

  • The ability to constantly create your desires and fast track your reality

  • The perfect balance between a happy and fulfilled life and a purposeful career

  • A level of freedom that has no bounds. Having full access to your intuition will make you feel more connected to everyone, bring beautiful flow into your life, and create a positive impact on every life you touch

This Training Is For You If:

  • You want all of your doubt to go away

  • You are hearing the static louder than your own intuition

  • You know you’re intuitive, but you’re not trusting what you sense, feel, hear, and see

  • You’re sick of receiving subtle nudges from the Universe, and you want definitive direction and answers

  • Your intuitive channel needs to be cleared out so you can get reliable information consistently

  • You’re not sure what to do with the intuitive information that comes through you

  • You want to be able to discern between intuitive information and your own personal attachments, ego, and expectations

  • You are ready to become a clear vessel that brings truth to the world

  • You want to clear all energetic interference that stands between you and the life you want (and you want to help others to do the same!)

“Having full access to my intuition has opened every door imaginable. The skills and tools I will be teaching in this course will serve you in every aspect of your life forever.”

Jacki Beem


Yes! Many people are enrolling in the Intuition Mastery & Coach Training program to learn and understand how to work with energy, and to have loads of their own blocks cleared! Students of this course will go on to use their newly activated intuitive powers to enhance their professional careers in law, real estate, design, coaching, performing, nursing, sports, and more. Other students will clear the blocks to finding and following their life purpose work in the world. All students of this course will be looking deeply into their own blocks around relationships, body, intuition, and money as they practice clearing out all of their old energy blocks. The program provides students with a full spectrum of healing across every area of their life.

The desire to start an Intuitive Coaching career is not necessary to enroll into this program.

The Intuition Mastery & Coach Training program takes place over the course of 6 months. Large group instructional webinars will take place every other Monday at 5pm Pacific, and small group coaching webinars will take place every other week on your chosen day/time on Mondays or Tuesdays. All webinars will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.

There is an optional 3-day live training event that should not be missed!

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