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Jacki Beem is an intuitive life coach and energy healer known around the world for her ability to clearly see into people’s field of energy, determine their subconscious blocks, and clear them for good. Her private sessions, live events, and home study programs have helped hundreds of people to live their best life, pull in soul-aligned partnerships, and manifest high paying, fulfilling careers without having to force anything or become someone they’re not.

When we as individuals try to up-level our careers and relationships, step into the work we are meant to do, and make moves to become the highest and best version of ourselves, there are invisible barriers that show up along the way. These invisible barriers (commonly referred to as “energy blocks”) will stop most people dead in their tracks (even though they are making every possible effort to move forward). These energy blocks show up in our field because of old patterns, judgments, beliefs, emotions, and stories we sold ourselves throughout our lifetime about how the world works, what is possible, and what we can expect. Most of these blocks showed up in our field of energy because of instances, patterns, and models of reality picked up during childhood that we don’t even remember (or don’t find significant). Because of this, it can be frustrating when we feel like everything should be running smoothly, but things just aren’t working.  *** Once these energy blocks are accurately identified and properly cleared, this allows an individual to energetically match up to (and resonate with) a life where they experience deeper levels of love, abundance, success, and opportunities. There’s no way around it. This is how we align our own energy with the life we want to have, and with the planet we want to create.

Jacki works closely with leaders all over the world who are doing (or want to do) the work in the world that lights them up. These clients are running businesses, leading people, creating programs and projects, pushing humanity forward, and doing it in ways that allow their lives to have joy, freedom, love, and passion at the same time. She is also highly sought after by professionals who are burned out, have lost their passion, and need to clear the blocks in the way of figuring out what their higher purpose is. Jacki’s clients have rapid transformations and upgrades in their life because she is able to cut through the junk, get straight to the source of any blocks, and clear the energy faster and more permanently than most healing modalities out there allow for.

In addition to her work with clients through her signature packages and live events, Jacki is:

  • A coach in Christie Marie Sheldon’s Intuitive Life Coach Training Program

  • A featured Energy Healing Expert on the “Wisdom Soup” app

  • A licensed attorney in two states

  • An intuitive business coach to 7-figure CEO’s, tech companies, personal growth leaders, Hollywood actors and actresses, famous musicians, professional athletes and coaches, and film & television producers.