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Jacki Beem is an Intuitive Life Coach and Energy Healer known around the world for her ability to clearly see into a person’s field of energy, determine their subconscious blocks, and clear them for good. Her private sessions, live events, and home study programs have helped hundreds of people to live their best life, pull in soul-aligned partnerships, and manifest high paying, fulfilling careers without having to force anything or become someone they’re not.


In the three short years that I have been working with Jacki, my life has completely changed for the better. I got my dream job, and got promoted… and I’ve increased my salary by almost 60%. On top of all that… I am now living a life of purpose, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Jacki for helping me find that in my life.

Jade Ku Sonkin, Creator of L'Oreal Beauty of Mindfulness Initiative

“Her coaching will actually change your life! Shifting from the person you were to the person you want to be is so liberating and honestly priceless. With her help of overcoming my fears and blocks, I have been able to launch two businesses, repair tough family relationships, and find my voice. I am forever grateful for Jacki and her powerful life-changing program.”

Jaclyn Jones, Owner & Designer at Jaclyn Jones USA

“I have been working with Jacki for over three years and my life just keeps getting better and better! All the dreams I ever wanted for myself have come true. I now am creating new dreams I never thought were possible. Through working together, I found the love of my life and true partner, my income has quadrupled, and my business is reflecting and living my life’s purpose.”

Cynthia Goerig, Legacy Life Consulting

“I have tried multiple (healing) modalities, but Jacki’s approach truly gets to the root of the stories I’ve told myself quicker than any other healer I’ve worked with. (She) has completely changed my outlook on life. My income has doubled since working with Jacki and I now own a rental property and a primary residence. I’ve learned to stand up for myself, and to see myself as a strong, capable, confident and beautiful woman.”

Katrina Johnson, Meisenbach Capital Management

“After a session… the very next day (or within the week) some big opportunity comes that I didn’t see… or a client calls who is in the price point I had been trying to go after. It’s pretty cool how things just end up showing up.

Heidi Murray, Homes from Heidi

“Jacki appeared with her powerful gifts in the perfect timing to help me learn how to feel, breathe into and release the stuck energy that was holding me back. Since working with Jacki I have fully stepped into my own abilities as a spiritual healer.”

Anne Tucker, Founder of Wisdom Soup

“Thank you Jacki for the tools and support to helping us build a business that makes an impact on this planet! I checked off a business bucket list item and presented on the TEDX stage! I have been focusing on client attraction to bring in next level people to work with our brand and teach our programs across the world and this weekend we celebrated 5 years of doing epic greatness in the world with a group of the most amazing, high energy, uplifting and positive instructors who deliver our work into the world.”

Melanie Levenberg, TEDx Speaker & Founder of DANCEPL3Y

“Jacki is an amazing, grounded energy healer. She’s helped me improve my love relationship (healing some old wounds around being able to receive), and she’s improved my business by 30% by helping me increase the amount of abundance I can hold. I’ve done a lot of trainings with a lot of different teachers and healers… Jacki is the real deal.”

Amber Vinson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist